Does it Feel Like They are Just scattered Everywhere?!
Do you have photos and videos scattered all over the place? You’re in the right place, let’s tackle this mess and create a organized memory library together. 

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Most of us don’t think about it until it’s actually a problem.

In addition to those scattered digital photos and video, we have those boxes in storage, full of scrapbooks, VHS tapes, photo albums and other outdated media files. 

Here’s why it’s time to tackle this project.

Reason #1
This box is irreplaceable and everyday those items are aging, decaying and at risk of being lost to rodents, fire, water or being forgotten. How would you feel if something happened to your families memories?
Reason #2
What is the plan when the memory keeper in your family passes? The passing of a family member means a passing down of the family memories. What do you do when the younger generations don't want the physical stuff?
Reason #3
It is just overwhelming. Every day you are reminded of the problem. “Where did I see that picture again?”
The photos are on harddrives, the computer, the ipad, your phone, in photo albums and in boxes in storage. They are everywhere!

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Hi, My name is lisa Webster
Lisa’s family lost generations of memories during a flood when she was young. Decades later, now a mother of two, she realizes just how impactful this loss was to her and her family. 
Now, when her kids ask for pictures, she has nothing to share with them, nothing to remember her own childhood, and the generations before her.
This sparked a passion for helping people organize, preserve and celebrate their memories, so that no family would have to live with that sinking feeling of knowing that those special memories are just gone...
Lisa started her photo business in 2015, and is on a mission to show people how easy it is to finally get their memories organized in a weekend.

Not only is it possible to get this project done quickly but she also helps people create a secure, and shareable permanent home to pass onto future generations, no matter what format, Whether it's VHS, DVD, 8-Track, movie reels, slides, physical photos, or digital assets, it can be preserved and organized easily and quickly through organization, digitization and storage.

In just two easy steps, you will find you can stop procrastinating, and by the end of this weekend have your project of digitizing, organizing and sharing generations of memories completed.

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By following three simple steps you will not only get that mess organized and out of your mind but your families memories will be safeguarded forever. 

Organize: Where do you start? With years of experience in organizing generations of photos and video assets, I can help you easily and effortlessly create an organized digital library that can be shared with your whole family.
Digitize: Relive memories that were forgotten and trapped on outdated media files. Nothing is more fun than reliving memories that you forgot you even had. Let's reclaim those memories together!
Storage: Technology can break at any time and your memories can be lost forever. Create a secure memory library that can be easily shared with the whole family and future generations. Have peace of mind knowing your memories are behind a password protected fortress.

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